Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Amazon deletes products

Amazon removing 2500 ASNs

All the sellers of these items and the potential buyers will be victims of CPSIA.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nomination Post - Individual

Add a comment to identify individuals who are victims of CPSIA 2008, for example you or your neighbor who depend on thrift and resale stores to provide inexpensive ways to outfit their children and grandchildren.

Nomination Post - Small Business

Add a comment to this post to nominate small business victims of CPSIA 2008 like the ones below. Please add a link, if possible, to information that will support your facts. Thanks for contributing!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Northwest Assistance Ministries - Houston

NAM no longer accepting donations of childrens items

Northwest Assistance Ministries will discontinue sales of children’s merchandise in resale shops and the distribution of children’s items.

So we have uncounted child victims who will not receive the benefit of donated items.

Wallabies Kids and Neon Daisy

Two Consignment shops in New Port Richey, Florida CLOSED

New law for lead confounds resale and thrift shop owners

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey Baby Boutique in Ionia, MI

Hey Baby Boutique is closed

5,000 Jobs Lost in New York due to CPSIA

This 5,000 job loss in one city in one industry

Both the States of New York and South Carolina are expected to face massive job losses because of this Bill when it takes effect.

16,667 Victims of CPSIA

Click to read Post-Tribune Article

The real impact reported in this article is CPSIA's affect on the programs run by charity resale shops such as the Salvation Army:

"We're in a catch-22," said Melissa Temme, public relations director at the Salvation Army national headquarters, which runs several thrift stores in Northwest Indiana. "Fifty percent of our thrift stores fund adult substance abuse rehabilitation centers, the largest network of residential treatment centers in the country," Temme said. A conservative estimate of revenue lost due to the lead law would eliminate 16,667 people from those programs.

That's a lot of victims.

Sadly, in this same article a Once Upon A Child representative claims that they have the ability to screen every item for CPSIA compliance. Which implies that resale shops such as the Salvation Army could be doing more to protect children. This is a blatant attempt to mislead their clientele. Since nearly every children's item has the potential to exceed the new lead and phthalates limits and there is no '90-page list' of affected items, Once Upon A Child has chosen to ignore the ramifications of this new law. This list to which they refer is a list of items that have actually been recalled. Many more millions of items are affected that have not, and will not, be technically 'recalled'.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hands & Hearts homeschooling kits

"It is with the deepest possible regret that we must announce that we are discontinuing production of our Hands and Hearts History Discovery Kits. We, like so many other small business in America, are simply unable to afford to get in compliance with the new Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act.We know that these kits have blessed thousands of homeschoolers around the world, and we have prayed, wracked our brains, and sought council in hopes that we would not need to take this step."

read more at Hands & Hearts

Endangered Whimsy

Click this link to see a whole range of small businesses endangered by CPSIA.

Endangered Whimsy